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What You Should Never Do


There are many things that you don’t want to see a dealership do to you as a buyer, but there are some things that you should not do as well, if you don’t want to alienate the dealer.

Here is a list of “don’ts” that you should abide by if you are really looking to get a good deal.

  • Don’ttrytopulloneoveronthedealerbylyingaboutthe condition of your trade in vehicle. It is just a lie that you can’t get away with, and could cause many cost increases later.
  • Don’tbotherlookingforacarifyouhavehadarecent bankruptcy because you will not get approved anyway.
  • Don’tgivethedealershipadepositandthentrytotakeitback for no reason because you should have researched the car before making the purchase. You can also lose money on the return.
  • Don’tbotherlyingaboutyourdebtloadandcreditrating because they will check it anyway.
  • Don’tofferanymoneyforacarunlessyoualreadyknowthe dealer cost because you are setting yourself up to get ripped off.