Grade 70 Binder Chains and Binders: Commercial Trucking Accessories

Binder Chain and load binder are trucking accessories, according to NACM and ASTM all these chains and binders are made from carbon steel, compare to tie-down straps, the chains and binders have a higher working load limit.

Let’s look at 5/16” transport chain(WLL 4700lbs) vs. 2” tie-downs (typical WLL 3333lbs), 6600lbs 3/8” transport chains vs. 5400lbs 4” tie-down straps, you will see that compare to tie-down straps, binder chains are much stronger, and chain binders are even stronger than same size chains, for instance, 5/16”-3/8” binder has WLL 5400lbs which is stronger than 4700lbs working load limit of 5/16” grade 70chain.

Another reason chains and binders are considered heavy-duty, is their design factor is 4 to one while webbing tie-downs have a 3:1 typical design factor, see “Design Factor” for reference.

These chains and binders are mostly used to haul big, heavy equipment, such as backhoe, bulldozer, these things are hard on straps, only carbon steel chains can sustain that kind of abuse when we talk about backhoe, forklift, we need at least 3/8” system 7 chains and binders to secure them, for something which has less weight we consider 5/16” chains are a good fit, of course, we still have 1/2” and up chains and binders, these chains will most likely be used to tie down something out of ordinary, such as battle tanks, or some other applications require super heavy duty chains.

Binder chains can be used for any purpose except overhead lifting. You can use these chains for tearing down trees, tow heavy objects, we sometimes use these chains to tow our mobile loading dock. We’ve seen forestry service companies use a lot of these transport chains and binders in their work as well. The most frequently seen application for these chains and binders is in the trucking industry, the most prominent use is for heavy equipment.

To say the least, we probably can tag these chains and binders as all-purpose and all-weather tie downs, they can be used anywhere we want, even under extreme weather conditions they will work well, under some circumstances you even can use them as emergency tools. Sometimes these things are so versatile, whenever and wherever possible we would love to use them.

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