Western Star Trailers: 4864 & 28

Western Star Trailers are known for power and quality and the trailers manufactured by company have been evident for several years and most of the truckers across the nation have come to appreciate the quality and reliability of Western Star Company.

Their trucks became popular in 1970s when White Trucks started the Western Star division as White Western Star. In the year 1980, Volvo purchased this company and today sister division is a part of Sterling Trucks Company, while trucking division to Freightliner LLC.

All these are divisions of Daimler AG. The company is located in Redford Township, Michigan and is a leading manufacturer of Class 8 trucks. Those who are not aware of the classification system or are not avid truckers, Class 8 trucks are also known as heavy duty trucks. In United States, the classification system depends on GVWR or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

The production lineup of Western Star Trailers consists of class 1 to class8 trucks in which class 1 to class 2 means light duty trucks, class 3 to class 5 means medium duty trucks, while the class 6 to class 8 means heavy duty trucks.

Most of the class 8 trucks include commercial trailers or vehicles with Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of more than 33,000 pounds. Western Star Company has been serving the trucking industry for several years by manufacturing and providing wide varieties of trucks from owner operator tractor trailers to severe duty trucks.

There are some famous and popular models of heavy duty trucks for hauling hefty loads, dumping and logging. Some of the most famous and popular models launched by the company are 4900 and 6900 Series. The 4900 Series is known to be the lesser load carrier, while the 6900 Series is known for extreme duty capabilities.

Some of notable models of Western Star Trailers are Western Star 4864 & Western Star 28.

Western Star 4864 is one of the most popular trailers in the market with its powerful Detroit Diesel Series engine which is good for producing 550 horsepower in addition to Caterpillar C15 rated at 550 horsepower and Cummins Signature at 565 horsepower.

For matching higher performance and power output they are equipped with upgraded drivetrains that include clutches rated at 2050 pound feet of torque.

The Western Star 4864 is powered by Detroit Series 60 Diesel powered engine that generates 1850 pound feet of torque at 1500rpm and 550 horsepower at 1800rpm.

Western Star 28 is one such trailer that comes with equipments like steel wheels and high air liftgate.

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