Volvo Trucks: ACL64BT & ACL64 Semi Truck Haulers. The Best?

Volvo Trucks always come with strong power engines and they produce ample of torque and horsepower than the numbers indicate. When it comes to truck driving, the main important requirements are safety and easy driving.

The trucks manufactured by Volvo Company feature a comfortable cab with clear range of vision and ample of space. The air suspension is quite effective which is used for reducing driver fatigue. Easy acceleration means easy driving and one of the powerful engines of Volvo is D16 which is unbelievably responsive and quiet, while the performance and power is outstanding.

The durable design of Volvo comes with several features such as three-piece bumpers with easy end-cap replacement, charge air-protection plate shields radiator and air-cooler from damage by road debris.Volvo Trucks is the largest manufacturer in the world of heavy duty engines above nine liters and has gained a good reputation in the market with innovations for saving money with exhilarating performance.

Volvo Company says that shutting off the engine when not in use reduces noise and saves fuel. The extended idling of engine is also very important, because in those times, the engines use turbocharge for thermostatically engaging and providing warm hold function of Volvo that allows the engine to sustain the temperature and quickly warm at low speeds.

Volvo is one of the prominent truck manufacturers in the world and their trucks are used all over the planet. One of the famous and popular models of Volvo is VN Series which were manufactured and launched to be immensely safe, easier to service, fuel efficient and more dependable.

Each and every VN model provides immense reliability, extended service life and lesser maintenance. They come with groundbreaking looks, high-tech technology, superior safety features and aerodynamic styling.

Today, Volvo Trucks is a leading manufacturer of all heavy duty trucks, light duty trucks and medium duty trucks like Volvo ACL64BT & Volvo ACl64.

Volvo ACL64BT is a conventional truck with sleeper that comes with Caterpillar engine mated with Eaton 10-speed transmission which is good for churning out 355 horsepower.

The Volvo ACL64BT is equipped with features and components like knuckle boom, 18,300 pounds of lifting capacity, power heated mirrors, cruise control system, power right side window, air ride seat, air-conditioning, engine brake and Hendrickson suspension.

Volvo ACl64 is equipped with aluminium wheels, Cummins engine that generates ample of horsepower, 9-speed transmission, 17-foot 6-inch steel dump and 50-inch side with electric tarp.

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