Transcraft Trailers: 3 Axle Heavy Drops & 40 Flatbed Trucks

Transcraft Trailers is a leading manufacturer of drop deck and flatbed trailers for construction workers and commercial truckers located in Kentucky and Illinois. Sold used and new in North America, they come in wide varieties of strengths for different uses.

The company has been serving the trucking industry for more than 45 years by offering the commercial truckers with most sought and strongest trailers in the industry. Their trailers are ideal products for truckers in different fields with their quality products and customer support. The company was found in the year 1968 by William Cunningham who created the first heavy duty flatbed trailer under Transcraft name.

Since then company has become the leading manufacturers of high quality trailers in North America. The classification was reinforced by company’s contributions to trucking industry such as Superbeam and lightning holes that revolutionized trailer manufacturing.

Because of the popularity of their 1995 Eagle Flatbed trailer, Transcraft Trailers decided to open a new manufacturing plant and continued to impact and grow the transportation industry.

Currently Transcraft boasts three different unique drop deck models, nine different unique flatbed models and more than 150 dealers. In fact, it is the class-leading manufacturer of drop deck and flatbed trailers in United States. Transcraft has maintained a good reputation in the market which is why most of the customers choose their brand.

One of the most famous models is Eagle Flatbed which is available in standard duty, heavy duty and extreme duty models; it is designed to standup against toughest routes. The Eagle trailer is also produced in different lengths which is ready for commercial truckers with all tasks in mind.

Those who are looking for heavy duty or extreme duty trailers, Transcraft Trailers are the best as they have good reputation for durability and quality. Here are two examples of Transcraft: Transcraft 3 Axle Heavy Drops & Transcraft 40 Flatbed.

Transcraft 3 Axle Heavy Drops is one such trailer that comes with three-axle air ride with center lift, 12-sliding winches, Lopro 22.5 Michelins performance tires, 11-inch top deck and 42-inch lower deck and they come with maximum hauling capacity of 85,000 pounds.

Transcraft 40 Flatbed is equipped with features and equipments like 10 Hole Steel Budds wheels, 10 Feet Axle Spacing, wooden deck, seven-Stationary on each side and 14-sliding each side, 32-inch pin setting and maximum weight of 10,600 pounds.

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