Peterbilt Trucks: 220 & 320 Class – A 5/8 Truck Powerhouse

Peterbilt Trucks is a leading manufacturer of heavy and medium duty Class 5 and Class 8 trucks which is located in Denton, Texas. The company was found in the year 1939 and today it operates manufacturing plants in Sainte-Therese, Quebec and Denton, Texas.

Earlier, Peterbilt was based in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California with main manufacturing plant, headquarters and part department in Newark, California. In 1986, the Newark plant was closed and the headquarters were moved to Denton in 1993.

The company has maintained a good reputation in the market by manufacturing high quality trucks for trucking industry. Peterbilt is having distinct and unique identity and also has superior class of manufacturing. Their trucks are known to be one of the best possible heavy duty trucks.

The founder of Peterbilt Trucks initially started producing devices and forming heavy duty models. The founder along with seven members created a history in trucking industry by producing excellent and class leading trucks.

After sometime the company was sold to Pacific Car and Foundry Company (PACCAR). Today, Peterbilt has wide range of truck manufacturing and they are the experts in vocational models, aerodynamic trucks, traditional models, medium duty trucks and hybrid models. There are some popular and famous models manufactured by the company which include 389, 384, 388, 386 and 587.

All Peterbilt Trucks were equipped with PACCAR engines as they are quite refined, reliable, durable and strong. Their engines are one of the class leading producers in the world of horsepower, enhanced performances, torque and payload capabilities.

Today, Peterbilt Trucks are subsidiary company of Pacific Car and Foundry Company and they produce class leading models like Peterbilt 220 & Peterbilt 320.

Peterbilt 220 is a great combination of maneuverability, value and visibility and is one of the best truck models in its class. This specific model is recommended between bodies like 20 to 26 feet long and without any chassis weight, they are ideal for high volume payloads.

The Peterbilt 220 is basically a beautifully compact package that offers vigorous power, driver comfort, entry safety features and easy service. It is ideal for delivery and pickup, landscaping applications, towing, roll-off applications and refrigerated van.

The interior is wrapped around dash highlights, while the ergonomic automotive and design feel combine to enhance driver productivity and comfort. The engine of 220-model is good for producing 280 horsepower.

Peterbilt 320 is one of the hybrid models of Peterbilt Company and is perfect environmental option for refusing applications. It is also known as one of the hybrid class refuse truck which is ideal for vocation go-and-stop applications and equipped with Eaton Hydraulic Launch Assist Technology.

It is the one of the most fuel efficient models for residential and municipal solid waste transportation fleets which also works in urban areas that need quiet and clean operation.

The highly fuel efficient hydraulic system of Peterbilt 320 is used for capturing energy while braking to assist in accelerating and launching the vehicle.

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