Kenworth Trucks: Kenworth C500A & Kenworth C500B Class 8 Heavy Duty Trucking

Kenworth Trucks is a leading manufacturer in the world which is known for producing heavy duty and medium duty Class 8 trucks which is located in Kirkland, Washington, United States. Kenworth is a subsidiary company of SACCAR and also a former manufacturer of school buses and transit buses.

The company is a leading supplier of heavy duty and medium duty trucks to Australian and North American markets. There are some operational plants in countries like Ste-Therese, Victoria, Australia and Quebec. The company was found by Edgar Washington and Harry Kent in the year 1923 and the headquarters of Kenworth is located Seattle, Washington.

It was initially purchased by SACCAR in 1944 and continued to be the fully owned subsidiary company till 1958. Over the decade, company has maintained a strong and good reputation in the market by manufacturing durable and high quality models for trucking industry.

The cab-over-engine was the first product manufactured and launched by Kenworth Trucks in 1957 which was later followed by the introduction of T600A aerodynamic in 1985. The driver comfort was also taken into consideration along with Studio Sleeper which was debuted in 1993 and Aerodyne Sleeper which was introduced in 1970.

Currently, Kenworth is involved in manufacturing ten different models for both off-road and on-road applications. The T2000 and T600 models are both class 8 and heavy duty conventional trucks that come with excellent fuel efficiency, EPA SmartWay certified and aerodynamic styling. The W900 and T800 are conventional class 8 models that provide traditional styling.

Kenworth Trucks has become the leading manufacturer of heavy duty class8 trucks for heavy construction work, light duty and off-road such as Kenworth C500A & Kenworth C500B.

Kenworth C500A is one of the serious workhorses of Kenworth which is good for hauling 200 and additional tons of hefty weight through jungles of Southeast Asia. This truck is designed and manufactured to handle heavy loads with greatest uptime.

It is designed to be reinforced to withstand rugged environments and the cab air suspension absorbs the rough terrain, while the sheet metal fenders and hood shrug off choke chains and branches. The interior of truck is equipped with high and top notch quality materials.

Kenworth C500A is powered by 15.0 liter engine which is good for producing 600 horsepower. It comes with standard equipments such as dual or single air cleaners, Meritor and Fuller manual transmissions, Allison automatics, 64 inch springs for smooth ride and extended front frame.

Kenworth C500B is powered by 18-speed transmission with diesel engine that generates ample of torque and horsepower. It comes with equipments like oilfield front bumper, aluminum wheels, headache rack and walking deck.

There are some additional features in Kenworth C500B such as fenders, rotating lights, air lifting fifth wheel, dual chrome stacks and air cleaners, live roll, 24inch sliding fifth wheel, tool boxes and CB radio.

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