Bocat Trailers: Alsp 45 & Live Floor Machinery Haulers

Bocat Trailers have been in the market for a very long time and they are known nationwide reliable and well built trailers that keep delivering for years. One of the most famous Bocat trailers is 14 feet that has the ability to attach bocat and its attachments.

It comes with 12,345 pounds of capacity which is quite helpful for moving heavy equipments from town or across state. It is ideal for Landscape Company, private owners and local contractors with two 6000 pound capacity axles, 15 inch tires with surge hydraulic brakes and EZ lube grease fittings.

One of the 16 feet trailer is ideal for moving the bocat equipments and also its attachments. With pressure treated pine and Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 12,600 pounds, this trailer is one of the best in its segment. It is equipped with 16 to 23inch electric braking system and six-pin round plug with adjustable pintle.

There are some more ultimate Bocat Trailers such as 16 feet contractors which is tough and great trailer rated with 13,200 pounds of capacity and is equipped with features like Dexter torsion suspension, ample of load securing D-rings, 16-inch tires, electric brakes, super wide 80inch bed and adjustable width ramps. The shiny diamond plate aluminium fenders and black paint job makes it look more attractive.

All three models have 6000 pounds axles and 15 inch radial tires and they come with 7000 pounds bolt jack, pressure treated pine decks and EZ lube grease fittings. There are some popular manufacturers such as Centreville Manufacturing Company which specializes in providing wide varieties of bocat trailer parts such as axles, electrical systems, brakes and hubs.

Here are two examples of Bocat Trailers such as Bocat Alsp 45 & Bocat Live Floor.

Bocat Alsp 45 blower trailer, hd chain x 458 drive with 3-inch channel crossbar, 11r 22.5 tires virg and caps 70-80%, dual hydraulic motors, brakes 70 % front and rear, dual dodge gear boxes, sides white aluminum with steel posts, rear blower system with vertical chain beater and horizontal auger, steel Dayton rims 5 spoke, weight 16000 lbs, tarp sys., Std. rollover white, 100 cu yd, rear doors standard swing and steel chain floor.

Bocat Live Floor comes with 45 ft Length, live bottom, 45 ft, Keith walking floor, 50% tires & brakes and tarp.

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