Wilson Trailers: A World Leader In Road Trailers And Heavy Farm Equipment

Wilson Trailers is a leading manufacturer of road trailers such as belt conveyor, gooseneck livestock trailers, livestock, flatbed, grain and self unloading. It is an Iowa Corporation and their headquarters are located in Sioux, Iowa.

The company was found in the year 1883 by Frank Taplin Wilson as small carriage and wagon shop in Huron territory, South Dakota. The company is known for their value, top performance and durability.

Wilson has been in the trailer industry for more than a century in leadership of distribution, design, support and production of superior gooseneck, grain, livestock and flatbed trailers. The company is widely known for popularized and developed aluminium drop center livestock trailers.

Wilson Trailers was established by Frank Wilson in the year 1883 with small carriage and wagon shop in Huron territory of South Dakota and after sometime he moved to Sioux, Iowa. Today the company is owned and directed by fourth generation of Wilson Family.

As we mentioned before that the headquarters of this company is located in Iowa, there are other five manufacturing plants operated by Wilson. First in Yankton, South Dakota, second in Moberly, Missouri, third in Lennox, South Dakota and other two sites in Iowa. The company is with confidence and pride for providing excellent quality gooseneck, grain, livestock and flatbed trailers which are all manufactured in these locations.

The main principle of Wilson is “Customer Satisfaction through Quality Services and Products”. It still continues to provide superior services and products by being the leader in trailer industry.

There are lots of trailers manufactured and launched by Wilson Trailers in the market such as Wilson Cattle Pot.

Wilson Cattle Pot is basically a cattle pot trailer which is equipped with 3/4 dog house extra lights, 51×102 cattle pot floors, 80percent 22.5lp tires, 27feet belly, 11feet nose, 15feet back end, nose decking, sprinkler system and back axle dump truck mirrored LED.

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