Why You Should Hire An Attorney If You Are Involved In An Auto Accident

There are a large number of delivery trucks, semi-trucks and service trucks using the streets, roads and highways, delivering goods and services on a constant basis. Unfortunately, this also means that there are many dangerous truck accidents. When a truck is involved in an accident with a regular vehicle, the damage can be catastrophic, due to the size and weight of some of these trucks.

On many occasions, these accidents are so dramatic that you have probably seen them reported in the news. If you have been injured in a truck accident, it is crucial that you contact a Phoenix truck accident attorney to assist you in making your claim for damages.

These claims are complex – it is in your best interests to ensure that you have an advocate on your side looking out for your rights and helping you to fight for the maximum financial compensation that you truly deserve.

Truck Accident Lawyer: Defending the Rights of the Injured

As truck accidents can cause extremely serious injuries and in the worst cases, fatalities, it is vital that you get legal assistance from a qualified personal injury lawyer from the Knowles Law Firm. When dealing with injuries, it is difficult to consider the legal aspects of your case, but in fact this may be of critical importance to the future of your family and loved ones.

Making a claim for damages must be handled correctly so that you are fairly compensated for the injuries and damages sustained. There are many types of damages that could be claimed in truck accidents, and without the help of a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer it is possible that you may not receive all the possible types of compensation. Depending on the case, some of the types of compensation that could be sought in a claim for damages include:

Medical bills;
Ambulance bills;
Reconstructive surgery;
Long-term medical care;
Rehabilitation costs;
Medical equipment costs;
Current and future lost wages;
Pain and suffering; and
Loss of companionship

Each claim is different and should be treated as such. By working with the Knowles Law Firm, you will be able to be confident knowing that you will receive tailored representation for your unique situation.

Your guidance will not be a cookie cutter response or a generic answer. Instead, they will take the time to get to know your case, understand the nuances and personalize their support as they help you reach your personal outcome.

No matter whether you lost a loved one in an accident caused by a fatigued driver, if you experienced a pile-up caused by a jackknifing truck or even if you suffered serious injury in an accident where defective equipment was at fault, you can trust them to help you.

They recognize how daunting it can be to face cases of this nature and they will be there every step of the way to help you on your way to finding a successful resolution.

When dealing with serious injuries, you need the support of a personal injury attorney from the Knowles Law Firm to handle the insurance claims. When you have a skilled lawyer working on your claim, it is likely that the compensation you get will be much higher than you might expect to get without legal help.

At their firm, the legal team can assist with claims for compensation in any of the following types of truck accidents from accidents involving light trucks to those involving delivery trucks and large trucks.

Regardless of the cause of the truck accident, the types of injury that was sustained or even if the accident involved a tragic wrongful death, you can rest easier knowing that their firm will be on your side every step of the way defending you.

They know the tricks of the trade and have extensive experience handling complex litigation such as this. In claims involving large commercial trucks, you will not be going against an individual and their insurance company – you will be facing a large corporation with huge resources and motive to make sure that they don’t pay out a large settlement.

To even the playing field and to give yourself the best possible chance of success, do not hesitate to contact their legal team as soon as possible. They know what is at stake with the case and will do everything that they can to provide their clients with the comprehensive and supportive guidance that they truly deserve.

Take advantage of the years of experience of the legal team at their firm. They stand ready to review the details of your case and advise you of what can be done to fight for maximum compensation for damages in your case.

Large Truck Accidents Lawyer

Some large trucks when fully loaded weigh in excess of 80,000 lbs. There are hundreds of such trucks moving in and out of Phoenix both by day and by night. When one of these massive vehicles is involved in an accident, extremely serious injuries or fatalities are often the result.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to a large truck accident, it is crucial that you get immediate legal representation from a large truck accident lawyer. With the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer from the Knowles Law Firm, a claim for fair compensation for the injury and other damages can be made.

Causes of Truck Accidents

There are various common causes of truck accidents. Unfortunately, many of them include negligence or recklessness, either on the part of the driver or the trucking company. Some of the more common causes of these deadly accidents include:

  • Aggressive driving
  • Speeding
  • Reckless lane changes
  • Drug use
  • Fatigue
  • Inattention
  • Slippery road
  • Poor truck maintenance
  • Improperly loaded truck
  • Load improperly secured or unsecured

Any of these causes may result in terrible and fatal accidents. Often large truck accidents result in multi-car accidents and massive numbers of injuries and damages. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, you must seek assistance from a Phoenix truck accident lawyer to assist you in making your claim for damages.

Wrongful Death Lawyer

When one has lost a loved one or family member, there are few possible circumstances that could be as emotionally painful. Wrongful death cases are particularly sad, as the death was so unnecessary. When you have lost a family member or loved one due to the negligence, recklessness or intentional act of another, you have the right to get legal representation to assist you in making a wrongful death claim.

It is crucial that you get legal representation from a Phoenix wrongful death lawyer to assist you in your claim. Even though it may seem to be the last thing one wants to confront, it may be at least a type of justice brought to the responsible party.

Wrongful Death Lawyer

When the harmful actions of another individual have created this devastating result on those you love, it may be time to take legal action against the responsible individual. When the fatal accident occurred as the result of a truck or car accident in which another driver was reckless or negligent, or possibly a drunk driver, a wrongful death claim is the correct legal action to take.

Delivery Truck Accidents Lawyer

In any large urban area such as Phoenix, Arizona, there is a constant stream of delivery trucks moving around the city, on the freeways and throughout the and outlying areas. These trucks provide a needed service and bring in all the food and other necessities for the city.

This large number of delivery trucks also has a negative effect, as they can become involved in serious injury accidents. Any delivery truck driver may become less attentive over time, when traveling the same roads and streets day after day.

In some cases, the driver becomes aggressive or dangerous in frustration with other drivers. This can cause deadly accidents with serious injuries or even fatalities.

Getting Help with Your Truck Accident Insurance Claim

After an accident devastates your life, where will you turn for support? At the Knowles Law Firm, the legal team understands the difficulty in going through a serious injury accident and plans to help you and your family find relief and comfort in the near future. Truck accidents can be extremely difficult to deal with.

Due to the nature of their large size, they often cause the most damage to the ones around them when an accident occurs. Whether your vehicle, or as a pedestrian, was hit head on, t-boned, rear ended or from any other angle, it is important for you to understand your rights. If the accident was caused by a distracted, negligent, drunk or tired truck driver, you may be entitled to compensation.

Filing an insurance claim after you have been involved in a truck-related accident is the single most important thing you will do aside from getting immediate medical attention. Medical care, such as the care of a doctor, surgeon, transportation to the hospital and medications all come with a pricy bill.

When your injuries keep you from returning to work, you may find it impossible to pay for all of the damage. Fortunately, this is exactly what an insurance claim was made to do.

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