What is a windshield stress crack?


  • One or several cracks from the point of impact.
  • To prevent the spread of cracks, it is essential that all cracks are filled with resin to the extremities.


  • A point of impact with 2 small cracks.
  • If it expands to the border it becomes non repairable.


  • Frequent on new thinner windshield.
  • The conical configuration of the breakage, extands to the middle membrane.
  • Has cracks not connected to the cone.


  • The most common failure
  • It is a bullseye with cracks connected to the cone.
  • The central cone can be composed of glass crushed or busted
  • Sometimes even showing a large cavity.


Windshield replacement procedure:
A glass of poor quality or use of an adhesive of poor quality can cause many problems such as water leaks, whistling at high speed, rust or even blurred vision. An intact windshield is part of the car structure, it improves your safety in case of an accident. To avoid these problems we recommend our professional installers. Replacing a windshield requires an operation in multiple stages using only the approved adhesives that provide the proper safe drive-away times.


, What is a windshield stress crack?, The Truck Guide1- Protecting and prepairing the vehicule
2- Removing the wippers and moldings
3- Full cut out to remove the old windshield
4– Remove the old adhesive
5– Wiping the surface clean
6– Application of surface preparation primers
7– Choice of approved adhesive depending on temperature and drying time
8– Utilizing OEM glass
9– Reinstall the windshield wipers and moldings
10– Inspection and cleaning

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