The Snow Plow Guide For Dummies!

Here I am checking out accessories on a Ford Truck accessories site. Browsing… WAM. There’s a snow plow. Personally, I think that this is the coolest thing you could possibly buy if you live in an area that has massive amounts of snow. Here in Tennessee it might snow once a year if you’re lucky. Agri-Cover made a 7’x18″ anodized aluminum blade coupled with tough 1″ rubber cutting edges on either side for you to play in the snow. Yes, you’re actually supposed to use it for work but who said shoveling the driveway couldn’t be fun?

To begin plowing, all you need to do is remove the pin, lift the blade one end at a time and lower it over the push frame and replace the pin. AWESOME!!! Now you’re ready to plow. Wait a minute… I know what you’re thinking. What if I hit something? Well, the plow floats on the push frame allowing it to slide up and down with the grade of the terrain . The thick rubber cutting edge moves snow yet leaves your driveway intact. When you’re done playing with your new toy, simply reverse what you did when you started.

Now to the meat of our snow plow feast -how to install it. Every kit comes with a mount kit (front receiver hitch), push frame, and plow blade. Simply mount the front receiver hitch to the front of your vehicle, slide the push frame into the front hitch and secure the push frame with the hitch pin. Once you have secured the push frame you are ready to attach the plow. Lift one end of the blade at a time onto the holders and secure with snap pins. Installation takes between 30 minutes and one hour depending on your technical skill and specific front hitch.

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