Rock-itman Rock Sliders

These were easy to install, but you do need two people.

We washed the jeep to remove any dirt and grime prior to installing. We also made sure to clean the underside of the jeep to remove any dirt and grime.

  • Remove the bolts that hold the fender flairs in place.
    • We did not completely remove the flairs. We only remove like 4 or 5 of the bolts so we could slide the slider up under the flair.
    • You will also have to remove the flair extension if you have them still on your TJ.
  • Use a floor jack, and some wood to hold your sliders up against the jeep.
    • You will also need some c-clamps to hold the slider against the tub of your jeep. You will need to drill some holes for the bolts that will hold the slider in place.
    • On the driver’s side, pull the wire bundle away from the inside of the tub, or you could damage some wires.

We had a problem finding the exact drill bit needed. So, I had one that was just a bit smaller and then used a Dremel to enlarge the holes for the Rivnuts. Chris, at Rock-Itman includes a tool to install these.

Follow the directions on these, or you will mess them up. They are almost impossible to get out without screwing up the tub on your Jeep.

  • Drill all the holes needed, and install the rivets where needed. Not all of the holes get rivets.
  • Prime and paint the holes you drilled to keep the rust away. I also used some sealant to help keep the water away from the holes.
  • Put the slider back up against the jeep, and start to install all the bolts. I left them all loose until I had them all installed.
  • Then I started to tighten them all up.

Pro Tip: Do not forget to install your internal brace. Once you have both sides done, reinstall the bolts for the flairs.

Then stand back and look at the toughness of your jeep. This is what can happen if you do not have good rocker protection!

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