GM, Ford Continue Squabble Over The Pick Up Towing Standards

We’ve seen this kinda thing before too – one group agrees for adhering to common standard @ a determined time and when the time comes, few parties find out a away to ‘adhere’ in an all new way. When SAE or the Society of Automotive Engineers laid out their J2807 guidelines of tow-rating a couple of years with the input from the domestic & Japanese makers of truck & suppliers of tow, standardized regime of testing got applauded as it could give comparisons that were reliable amongst the truck makers. This meant leaning towards one way for good and reliable comparisons between the manufacturers. This means lowering the ratings of tow but everyone had agreed for using J2807 protocol even though it’d mean lowering the ratings of tow. People were going to start using it from end up 2013.

, GM, Ford Continue Squabble Over The Pick Up Towing Standards, The Truck Guide

Toyota had moved to new ratings 2 years ago, and this resulted in the ratings of tow for the Tundra dropping some where from about 400 to around 1,000 pounds. When General Motors announced their trucks of 2013, they had released the specs of towing that were based on new standards sending few ratings up/down by couple of hundred pounds. But Ford has decided that they will be moving to the standards of J2087 when all the new models of theirs come in to the market and hence, it means that Blue Oval will get a minimum of one more year for using the current figures. One statement from GM read that For instance, the key competitors are still using the existing ratings of the 2013 model year trucks. It will be confusing for the customers and dealers to retain current measuring system.

Ram is yet to disclose their plans  but all the info regarding models but the information on their models of 2013 will be out by end oof this month and we will get to know all about it. About GM, we will simply need to keep looking for it.

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