Alfab Trucks: A Quick History Of The Mainstay In Transport Trucks

Alfab Trucks have been in the market for more than 50 years and the development of window systems is pioneered for different types of vehicular and marine applications. Today Alfab has manufacturing plants in Brisbane and Melbourne and services a different range of marine industries, broadening the base of horse floats, trucks, homes, police vehicles, and emergency vehicles.

Alfab is family operated and owned and it is the biggest supplier of an extensive range of marine and windscreens and windows in Australia. There are some of the popular products produced by Alfab such as Stebercraft, Mariner, Riviera, and the Caribbean.

Some additional products are Signature, Savage, Cruise Craft, and Seafarer. They also produce a wide range of sliding and hinged doors for many applications.

Each plant of Alfab Trucks is guided by description to excellent workmanship and quality materials. The quality inspections make sure that the products are conformed to specs. The main aspect of company is to provide their customers with reliable satisfaction and service.

They are the specialists in the manufacturing of windows, both sliding and fixed for horse truck fraternity and horse float. Today they are the leading supplier of these products. They have been the industrial base for strong truck options. There are a lot of trucks by Alfab which can be customized easily.

There are a lot of trucks manufactured and launched in the market by Alfab Trucks such as Alfab 21 FT & Alfab Dump.

Alfab 21 FT is the latest truck launched by Alfab and there are lots of options to customize this truck.

Alfab Dump comes with equipment like an aluminum 19-inch body, 72″ sides, and a full cab shield.

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