Mickey Trucks: A Great Name In Truck And Trailers For Heavy Construction

Mickey Trucks was launched in the year and it is located in High Point. It is operated by the Mickey family and specializes in delivering the best suitable trailers and trucks for heavy construction industries.

Their mission is to manufacture, sell and design their highest quality trucks and their trailers and bodies for all types of industries for providing superior support and service. They want to satisfy their customers by providing them with good customer satisfaction and continue to manufacture products that they require.

They are involved in everything from after manufacturing, designing, producing, and selling to after-sales service which will definitely meet the expectations of their customers.

Mickey Trucks are involved in providing a prosperous, safe, and comfortable working environment for their employees and they are fostering their firm spirit that is conducive to pride, incomparable workmanship, and teamwork.

Their vision is to have a good reputation in the market as Recognized Business Leader in the trailer producing industry and truck bodies by continuously enhancing customer support services, improving manufacturing capabilities and design, and empowering employees for making good decisions depending on their skills which are suitable for the customers and company.

Here is one of the examples of Mickey Trucks: Mickey 26 FT

Mickey 26 FT is a heavy-duty truck that measures 26 feet and comes with types of equipment like tall Mickey van body, roll up 87 inches door, wide & 89inches tall, 6 sidewall tie rails, translucent Roof, splash guards, bumper, wooden frame rails, all fasteners, touch up paint, extendable rear frame, liftgate, and roll-up doors.

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