Letting Your Jeep TJ’s Starter Help You Out In A Jam

Difficulty: Low
Cost: None
Time Required: Seconds
Special Items Needed: A manual transmission

If you are in a situation where a 3rd foot would come in handy, use your starter instead. When you are driving in 4-Low, and need to stop or just kill the engine, just stop and let the engine die.

When you are ready to go again, keep your foot OFF the clutch and crank it up in 1st gear. The tranny’s are geared low enough that the starter will pull you enough to start the engine.

This is great when you have to stop on a hill, or rock crawling. In TJ’s there is a fuse that prevents start-up when the clutch is not engaged. Check your manual or local Jeep dealer for fuse location. This technique is widely used and will in no way hurt your starter or transmission. In fact, there is a popular saying among Jamboree trail guides.

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