Is Powerstop A Good Brand For Brakes?

Looking to add a little more stopping power to your ride? Whether it is a car, truck, or SUV you are always gonna need brakes! What good are those sweet 22″ rims on your ride if your OEM brakes can’t stop them?

That’s where PowerSpot Slotted disc brake rotors come in. OEM brakes work well with the factory wheel and tire combination and towing capacities. Whether you are riding clean in your 300C with the big 22″ rims or towing a trailer full of mulch with your powerstop a good brand, Is Powerstop A Good Brand For Brakes?, The Truck Guide

PowerSpot rotors should be your choice when upgrading your vehicle’s brake system. PowerSpot Rotors disperse more heat, have better-stopping power, less brake fade than any OEM rotors out there.


Are PowerStop Brakes Worth It?

Yes, PowerStop Brakes are worth based on their longevity, warranty, reputation. They are the leading manufacturer of brake rotors. They have a long history of solid customer satisfaction for aftermarket brake rotors. They are not perfect powerstop a good brand, Is Powerstop A Good Brand For Brakes?, The Truck Guide

There are some problems. Heat is the primary cause of ineffective brakes due to fade. There is actually a “boundary layer” of gases that builds up between the pad and rotor surface which inhibits performance. Here’s where PowerSpot rotors make a big difference.

The exclusive Vac-U-Slots machined into the rotor “wipes” brake pads clean, evacuates gases, and sheds heat.

A combination of a “high-performance pad” and PowerSpot rotors will provide superior reliable braking for virtually all automotive and truck applications, with an upgrade to larger diameter rotors and bigger calipers typically only needed for the most severe competition applications.

PowerSpot Rotors are manufactured to the highest tolerances keeping SAFETY and quality their number one priority. Slotting, unlike drilling, doesn’t compromise the structural integrity of the rotor.

When you drill a rotor you weaken it and cause stress points that can lead to cracking and ultimately failure. Also, drilled rotors lose considerable surface area compared to slotted rotors which means the less active braking area for pad to rotor contact.

is powerstop a good brand, Is Powerstop A Good Brand For Brakes?, The Truck Guide


Are PowerStop Calipers Good?

The calipers fit perfectly and upgrade you to the better Akebono calipers. Everything you need is there and works flawlessly. I even purchased PowerStop K2149 Front Z23 Evolution Brake Kit with Drilled/Slotted Rotors and Ceramic Brake Pads1 to go with the calipers.

Who Makes PowerStop?

PowerStop is made by Bondurant.

Are PowerStop Brakes Made In China?

Yes, PowerStop brakes are made in China. Though, there are a few models made in the USA. Most models are made and designed in China.

Can PowerStop Rotors Be Turned?

Can PowerStop rotors be turned down? PowerStop does not recommend turning down the rotors. However, drilled or slotted rotors can be machined using a sharp bit and very light cuts (to prevent bit skipping near the holes).

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