The Best Location To Attach A Tow Hook Location On Your Jeep YJ

Difficulty: Low
Cost: Less than $50
Time Required: 1 – 2 hours
Special Items Needed: Tow Hooks, large star bit

When I first decided to add tow hooks on my 95 YJ, I started looking for a place to mount them. Well, two of the holes are hidden. The front hole is where the bumper is attached to the frame.

The back hole is directly behind the front hole(duh). However, the front frame cover (plastic piece between bumper and grille that says “JEEP”) hides these holes.

There are bolts on each side of the cover that allow you to remove the cover. You will have to cut the plastic cover so it will fit around the tow hooks. This is actually very simple with a utility razor knife. The holes are tapped, and the bolts supplied with tow hooks will fit them like a charm.

All Jeep Jamborees now require front and rear tow hooks. Besides, they definitely come in handy and make your ride look great.

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