Jeep Wrangler Warn Oil Pan Skid Plate Replacement Install

After our first trip through Swamp Lake, we need to install an oil pan skid. We put a dent in our oil pan. So, this is something that needs to be protected.

The skid from Warn is not that expensive and is good insurance for your oil pan. Be sure to drain the oil out of the original oil pan and assume more will come out when you remove the oil pan.

Note: We installed our oil pan skid in just over an hour. We did have to drill two holes on the front edge of the transfer case skid plate. The rest of it bolted right up.

  • Remove the bolts on the lower control arm mounts at the frame and back off the bolts a little.
  • Make sure you have the jeep supported when you are playing with the control arm bolts.
  • This is where you mount the front mount for the oil pan skid.
  • There are a total of 5 bolts on the front part of the skid.

Remove and replace then follow the above in reverse order. Add oil and filter and take off!

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