Jeep Rubicon Rock-itman Front and Rear Bumper Installation

Rock-itman Front Bumper Install

This is probably one of the easiest installs you can do to your Jeep Rubicon:

Remove the top bolts and bottom bolts that hold your bumper in place. Hold the new bumper up to your jeep, and reinstall the bolts on the top and bottom for the bumper. If you have lights for your bumper, there are light taps on the bumper for these.

The warn winch mount will fit on your jeep with no problems with this bumper installed.

Warn Rock Crawler Rear Bumper Install

  • Remove the plastic bumper ends. You will need a #55 Torx tip.
  • Remove the two bottom bolts holding the bumper in place.
  • Then remove the two bolts on each side that go in from the backside of the bumper. The bumper will now come off your jeep.

Some TJ’s will need to have two holes drilled on each side to install all 5 bolts per side. I did not drill the extra holes. I bought frame tie-ins that tie-in the bumper to the frame from the cross member.

Warn XD9000i And Warn Winch Mount Install

  • You will need to remove the plastic guard that covers the sway bar.
    • There are two bolts on the outside of the frame. Once removed, these items can be discarded.
  • You will need to remove the four top bolts that hold your bumper on. You will also need to remove the forward bolt that holds the sway bar mount in place.
  • Install the roller fairlead or solid fairlead on the winch mount. This has to be done prior to installing the winch on the mount.
  • Make sure you mount the winch correctly or you will have to remove it.
  • Once your winch is mounted on the winch mount, you can set it all up on the front of your Jeep.

Make sure not to pinch the battery cables. I had to put the winch up on the bumper, and then route the battery cables up to the battery. I routed the cables through an opening below the front fender area, and the frame and the radiator.

These then came up and were routed between the air box and power distribution panel. I zip tied them in place to keep them away from hot parts, and moving parts.

  • Put the winch in its final spot, and insert the bolts.
    • You may need to put a washer between the sway bar mount and the winch mount to get it to sit flat.
  • Make sure you are using grade 8 bolts on this install.
  • Torque your bolts to 70 in/lbs.
  • Recheck these regularly after wheeling and winch use.

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