Jeep Rubicon Locking Differential High Low By Pass Switch

Many people with Rubicon’s modify their Rubicon’s so they can use their lockers in high range or the rear locker in two-wheel drive. This is an easy and inexpensive mod. I bought two switches from my local auto parts store and some wire. I was not sure if I had any in my garage, and did not want to have to return to the parts store.

Disconnect the battery to be safe. So if you cross a wire you won’t start a fire!

  • Remove the top of the vent guard by gently pulling up on it starting in the middle.
    • This will expose the two screws that secure the center instrument console covering.
  • Pull the top of it out, and up. It does take some force, but be careful that you do not break the front cover assembly.
  • There are two screws on either side of the locker switch assembly section.
  • Remove those to get the switch assembly to come out and expose the back of it to get to the locker switch wiring harness.
  • Removed all the connectors from the switch pod assembly to make life easier.

I wanted the ability to use my lockers independent of my transfer case shifter position. To do this, you will need to use a switch to connect ground to pins 6 and 7 on the connector. The numbers are hard to read but are there. Pin 1 is a ground wire.

Connect a switch between pins 6 and 7 for independent control. If you want different types of control for your lockers, check the links below. Pins 4 and 5 if a ground is applied, allow you to control the lockers independently while in 4L, 4H or 2H, and at any speed.

I made it so the switches had to be pushed up to engage the lockers. As you can see in the picture below, I do not have the protective covers over the switches. I may change the switches out later for those styles for more protection so we do not engage the lockers at high speed on the highway.

Remove the upper vent cover to expose the two screws for the front cover.

The new wiring installed for the by-pass switches.

Others have also done this modification and done a write-up on it. I have listed them below, so you can see how the others have done it also. I think all of us have basically done it the same way.

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