3.5 inch Super Flex Lift Kit For A Jeep Rubicon Express Install

This install is easier with a couple of friends and a vehicle lift.

Pro Tip: Inventory contents of boxes to ensure all parts were received.

  • Jack vehicle, or put it on the lift as we did
  • Remove tires. Take all of the new parts out, and separate for front and rear, and then put what you will need at each wheel.
  • Start removing all the old parts. If you have air tools, this is much easier to accomplish.
  • On the front, you will need to remove the lower control arms, springs, brake lines and sway bar extensions.
    • Disconnect the track bar from the axle.
    • If you bought a new track bar, then you can remove this then.
  • On the rear, you will remove the lower control arms, springs, sway bar extensions, and disconnect the track bar.

On the front, I found it was easier to drop the axle once the control arms are off to remove the old springs. You may need spring compressors to install your new springs. I did not, but we had the jeep on a lift and could get enough room between the axle and the jeep. Install the springs, control arms, and push the axle back up into place.

  • Install the sway bar disconnects to help hold the axle in place while you tighten things up some.
    • If you bought a new track bar, install it now. If not, you will need to drill a hole in the axle mount that is 3/4 of an inch over towards the driver’s side. This will realign the front axle.
  • Now is also a good time to install the new brake line extensions. Remember to bleed the brakes after you do this, or the front brakes will not work.
  • On the rear, install the springs, control arms.
    • You will need to install the track bar relocation bracket. This will keep the rear axle centered under your Jeep. Some people buy an adjustable rear track bar also. This is an option to consider for later.
  • Install the sway bar extensions, and then start to tighten everything up. The instructions have the torque values for everything.
  • Verify that everything is installed correctly, and torque all the bolts to the proper value. Install the tires, and put your jeep back on the ground.

If you have bought a CV driveshaft and Slip Yoke Eliminator (SYE), it is easier to install while the jeep is still on the lift. We have not installed ours yet, so we did the transfer case drop. We have a few vibes yet, but it is not bad. We do plan on installing the SYE and driveshaft later on. We will do a separate write-up about that.

This whole install took us about 4 hours.

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