Hilbilt Trucks: Hilbilt Frameless Semi Haulers Trucking

Hilbilt Trucks is a truck and travel trailer manufacturer who is in great demands in this automotive world. Most of the customers know that these trucks are quite reliable, so they are waiting for new edition. Hilbilt is responsible for the development of trucking business.

Because of the unique style and outstanding performance, their trucks get popular all over the world among truck enthusiasts. It is also known to be the leading manufacturer of trucks that provide excellent performance. Their trucks are built with customers in mind that come with enormous load carrying capacity that can move hefty loads from one place to another. The trucks manufactured and designed by Hilbilt Company are best suitable for infrastructure and construction businesses.

, Hilbilt Trucks: Hilbilt Frameless Semi Haulers Trucking, The Truck Guide

Hilbilt Trucks are a great combination of high quality and advanced technology driving performance. Those can’t afford to buy a new truck; they have other options of used ones which are also available in good conditions.

The first truck called Hilbilt 3232 was manufactured and launched in the year 2007 with spring suspension and 3.8 liter V6 engine which is good for producing ample of torque and horsepower. Hilbilt has added lots of airbags on the side and front for increasing safety. Their trucks are quite spacious that can easily accommodate more material. There are some standard features as well like traction and stability control system, optional manual transmission and automatic transmission.

Hilbilt Trucks have also added some additional features like reflectors, mud flaps, cab shield, ICC lights, air-tailgate and splash guards. There are some other features which include rear and front seats, keyless ignition, heated power windows, braking system and rear axles. Here is one of the examples: Hilbilt Frameless.

Hilbilt Frameless is basically a dump trailer that comes with equipment like aluminum wheels and electric flip tarp Motor.

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