Freightliner Trucks: A History Of The King Of Semi Trailer Trucks

Freightliner Trucks is leading manufacturer of semi-trailer, chassis and heavy duty trucks in United States. The company was found in the year 1942 which is now a subsidiary company of German Daimler AG and division of Daimler Trucks in North America. It is known to be the leading manufacturer of class 5 to 7 and class 8 heavy duty diesel trucks. In North America, it is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of heavy duty trucks with more than 22,000 employees and annual sales of $32 billion worldwide.

Daimler, a non-American corporate entity, fully owns Freightliner LLC and on account of this Freightliner LLC is not listed as a fortune 500 company. It can be compared with other 125 largest companies in the world. In the year 1930, Consolidated Freightways decided to start their own production of trucks that can provide excellent power and have the ability to climb mountain regions of United States.

Their first production truck was manufactured under Freightliner name in Salt Lake City. They had to stop their production because of World War II and the first truck manufactured by Freightliner was sold to Hyster which is also a manufacturer located in Portland.

Seeking higher volume and lacking distribution capability, Consolidated Freightways signed an agreement with White Motor Company which is located in Cleveland and their dealers in Canada and United States. The agreement lasted till quarter century and the cab-over engine was their first production model which got popular all over the world.

Freightliner Trucks started manufacturing their trucks in the year 1961 in Burnaby, B.C. for reducing the penalty costs of their automobiles sold in Canada. They have assembly plants in Chino California and Indianapolis which led to a new plant in Swan Island, Portland. The company is involved in manufacturing heavy duty trucks from school buses to RV chassis and it is the top rated choice for truck lovers all over the world.

Freightliner Trucks is a leading manufacturer and supplier of heavy duty trucks in the market such as Freightliner Condor & Freightliner Champion.

Freightliner Condor is a low cab first class vocational truck which is demanded by refuse and construction businesses. The truck is designed and manufactured as a heavy duty truck for making jobs more effective, productive, safer and easier.

It is equipped with optional side back windows, two-piece large windshield, offers excellent view of road ahead with driver safety, power side windows and provides 273-degree wide open vision. The truck is manufactured for providing maximum comfort and performance with its dash mounted steering column that telescopes and tilts for offering lots of belly and boot room and oversized flat floor.

Freightliner Condor is equipped with four different steering factory built options such as right hand drive and left hand drive configurations. The clear frame and integrated chassis design can rail at the back of cab so that it can meet operational requirements.

The engine is designed for minimizing downtime by lifting the cab to 42 degrees that gives you full access to engine from behind the cab. There are some optional equipments available such as wiring systems, camera and rear vision monitor.

Freightliner Champion is powered by Cummins turbodiesel 5.9 liter engine which is good for producing ample of power. It comes with standard features such as telescoping and tilt steering wheel, power steering, air-conditioning units, automatic transmission, air-ride driver’s seat, rubber floor boards and air brakes.

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