Ford 600/800 History. Classic Trucks Still Loved Today

Ford 600 and 800 series of trucks were launched in 1954. In able to know more about the Ford 600 series we first need to know about the Ford NAA. Ford NAA was a tractor truck that was manufactured form 1953-1954.

The tractor gave an out put of 31 horsepower with 134 cubic inch four valve engine and most of the features on the NAA were based on Ford 8N. Ford 8N was powered by a four cylinder engine that was mated to four speed gear box that produced 30 horsepower. The Ford N8 was loaded with new features which included position control, improved brake system, improved steering and hydraulic touch control.

The major change for Used Ford trucks in fifties was a four speed transmission which made the truck more capable and productive. Most of the features on NAA were similar to ford N8. When the production of Ford NAA was put to a halt the production for Ford 600 series started. The 600 and the 800 series were launched at the same time but both of them captured two different markets.

, Ford 600/800 History. Classic Trucks Still Loved Today, The Truck Guide

The Ford 600 was smaller than 800 and was targeted to serve small farm needs, on the other hand the Ford 800 was more powerful and


was made to use for larger farming needs. The 600 was powered by the same engine which was found in NAA. The 600 series consisted of Ford 640, 650 and 660. The 640 was identical to NAA, the 650 came with additional gear making a total of 5 speed transmission and the 650 was loaded with 5 speed transmission plus a power take off option (PTO).

To cater more farm market needs Ford launched 700 and 900 series in parallel to 600 and 800 and featured innovative and rare three wheel design.

The Ford 700 and Ford 900 series were with the same configuration with the Ford 600 series the only difference was that the Ford 700 was tri wheeled. Most of these Used Ford trucks are brought as antiques and enthusiasts spent handsome amount of money to keep the truck into original condition.

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