Jeep Wrangler ZJ Tie Rod Install

You can get the parts for this modification at your local auto parts store. Ask for a Tie Rod and associated parts from a 98 Grand Cherokee with the 5.2L V-8. Here are the part numbers you will need if you go to the parts store.

Part numbers from Napa Auto:

  • Tie Rod end – 2692788
  • Adjusting Sleeve – 2691134
  • Tie Rod end – 2696085
  • Drag Link – 2696090

Your local parts store should be able to cross these part numbers to their local part numbers. We are getting ready to install this upgraded tie rod and drag link for a couple of reasons.

One is that we bent the original on our Rubicon running the Swamp Lake trail. It is not bent bad, but things are off somewhat. The second is this is a stronger tie rod and drag link assembly.

Pro tip: Take some pictures when you install these. You want to show the difference between the two prior to installing the new assembly.

Tools Needed:

  • Pickle fork or a ball joint puller.
    • We used a pickle fork for ours. This can tear up the old boots on your tie rod.


  • Jack up the front of your jeep
  • Place jack stands under the axles.
    • I removed the tires for easy access to the tie rod ends. Your choice here really.
  • Remove the cotter keys on each tie rod end, and at the drag link bolt.
    • The bolts on my tie rod end were 19 mm.
  • Remove each nut from the tie rod ends and pitman arm.
  • Take your pickle fork or ball joint remover and remove the tie rod ends from each wheel knuckle.
    • If you use a pickle fork, you will also need a hammer to pound on the pickle fork. It will take a little bit of work to get each end loose. I removed the bolt from the axle end of the steering stabilizer to remove it.
  • Place your replacement tie rod and drag link in place reinstall the nuts.
  • Torque each nut to 55 in/lbs.
    • You can adjust the nut a little either way to install the cotter key.
  • Reinstall the cotter keys.
    • They will keep the nuts from backing off if they come loose. If this was to happen at highway speeds, you could possibly lose control and flip your Jeep. I have bee told this is not as fun as it looks.
  • Reinstall your new steering stabilizer or your old one.
  • Now check your toe in, and adjust as necessary.

Crack a beer to celebrate and look at your work in all of it’s glory

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